Though when the news of their relationship comes out among people, people have both positive and negative reactions but now when they have celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary, we can say that they are creating relationship goals for others. And there are several reasons behind this.

The couple is an epitome of grace and poise. Check out this list of reasons according to the latest Bollywood Movie Gossips.

Their Public Outings

We have spotted them together in public multiple times and seeing them together in public is not less than a treat to their fans. The Diva of the Bollywood holding the hand of the Nawab, making them look the best couple present around the world. We can see the faith of love in their eyes and both of them always look satisfied, happy and best when they are together. This is what makes them set a couple of goals for others.


Respect For Each Other

Through several posts on the internet and social media, we can easily conclude that how much respect both of them have for each other. Saif is known to be one of the most cordial Bollywood stars, and that always reflects in the relationship with the Kareena Kapoor. He still shows complete respect towards her wife, Kareena Kapoor whenever he talks about his family. Not just that even Kareena Kapoor, our Bebo have a deep respect for her former wife Amrita Singh which is quite impressive. Whenever they talk about each other, they use respectful words which are what makes them different from other couples present in the B-town.



Of course, when it comes to relationship goals, supportive nature is the must-have thing. Though their respective families are entirely different, and they have different careers still, they have support and respect for each other family and career. We often see pictures of Saif Ali Khan with Kareena’s family and Kareena’s pictures with Saif’s family. Beyond that, they have given space to each other doing things that they like to do, and in every conversation with Media, they seem to be friendly and supportive for each other which is very important in any relationship.


Travel Goals

A happy relationship is one when both of them have time for each other. Right? Again here, Saif and Kareena create couple goals for us. The two are known to make the most out of their travelling trips with each other. Their pictures on social media prove this that they are the happiest couple present in the B-Town. They always look perfect when they are with each other from picking the ideal attire for the ideal postures when it comes to getting flawless pictures. It is just awesome.

Setting Family Goals For Others

When we are talking about their relationship, how we can forget their son, Taimur Ali khan. Son of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan are gaining higher popularity. He has become an internet sensation. He is one of the most famous celebrity kids exist in the Bollywood industry. Though it is quite surprising how one can be so famous at such age if you try, you will get multiple reasons behind it.

Whenever a new picture of the kid comes, it storms away from the whole internet, and everyone praises the cuteness of Taimur Ali Khan. Even he has become a trendsetter in India, and people follow what he wears. Yet many media journalists are getting bread and butter just because of Taimur Ali Khan. He has gained 100 plus fan clubs on social media that is quite surprising for all of us. Latest Bollywood Movie Gossips has also published several articles on him.

Both Saif and Kareena are proud to be the parents of their little son. Many times, we have spotted the three together covering the internet through their pictures. This is one of the sweetest things about their relationship goals.