Yahoo Messenger was an instant service from Yahoo! that accommodated mobile phones through the phone application and desktop users via the web and a software program.

Yahoo! closed Yahoo Messenger on July 17, 2018. But, it wasn’t the main IM program accessible; there are heaps of Yahoo Messenger substitutes that work in essentially a similar way.

The Yahoo Messenger application was a lot like other informing applications. You could send free messages to your companions utilizing the web, and it dealt with an assortment of platforms. This implied you could introduce the Yahoo Messenger application on your phone or tablet, or draw it up on your computer, to send free messages without paying for a messaging service.

Apart from the text, it supports different things, like GIFs, pictures, emojis, and different files. You could speak with loved ones completely gratis as long as you have an active internet connection on your device.

Loads of changes were made to Yahoo Messenger throughout the years. It began off the organization’s chat room service, Yahoo! chat, renamed Yahoo Messenger in the 90s. Features, including a Yahoo chat rooms service, VoIP, the LAUNCHcast Radio module, Yahoo! 360 integration, voice message, video calling, Flickr support, in-chat YouTube browsing, and the capacity to visit with Facebook companions. In short, it was the complete source of entertainment with an effective email service.

Yahoo chat rooms

Yahoo Chat Rooms

Why Did Yahoo Messenger (Yahoo Chat Rooms) Shut Down?

It’s normal for services, particularly durable ones like Yahoo Messenger, to arrive at an end. The organization develops, users drop out, contending services rise, the administration loses cash, etc.  Yahoo! has ended the Yahoo Messenger to redirect time and assets to other specified devices:  As the communications scene keeps on evolving over, we’re concentrating on building and presenting new, energizing specialized tools that better fit customer needs.

Moreover, there were a lot of glitches with misuse, spammers, and trolls. Yahoo didn’t have the resources to moderate the chat rooms, and it was a lawsuit waiting to happen. This also the reason for shutting down the Yahoo chat. 

Features of Yahoo Messenger will be in Memories

Personalized Avatars

Long before the life of Bitmoji and Sims, Yahoo Messenger has made us aware of the idea of personalized avatars. You could modify the appearance and display your emotions through the avatars.

Personalizing chat themes

Shifting themes during the chat and changed themes for a different person. Yahoo Messenger lets us do this. It provided us with diverse themes to pick from and even set the private pictures on the chat windows.


Yahoo Messenger was liable and the first one to talk into the emoticons to the world. You could express your emotions with a funny little round face or could laugh out loud with dropping tears. Though this may not attract you in 2019, back then, it was the touch of an unbelievable feature that technology allowed users.


One more feature which Yahoo Messenger had provided the users is the Audible. It was like the Messengers of a talking cartoon. It had a huge craze during the time of launch. It comprised more than 120 Audible with the common sayings.

Chat room Yahoo

The chat room of Yahoo Messenger makes it outshined from the other available chat tools. Chat Rooms are where you could interact with random people and take part in a group way before Facebook was introduced.

Yahoo Messenger Substitutes

There are many applications you can use rather than Yahoo Messenger, few of them are given under. Please have a look at the list and decide to replace Yahoo Messenger. As it should rely upon what you need it to do.


Telegram is a messaging app with a center on speed and safety. It’s rapid, plain, simple, and free. It seems like SMS, but with more attractive features.


An instant messaging application started in 2003 has provided online text message and video chat and calling services to global users.


Hangouts is another messaging app that allows you to send and receive messages, photos, and other multimedia files. Moreover, also provides free video and voice calls free of cost.


WhatsApp Messenger is a prevalent platform mobile messaging application that lets you give-and-take messages free of cost. WhatsApp Messenger is available on almost every platform and compatible with every device used to communicate.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a quicker way to message. Touch friends to get their phones, send messages even before the blink of an eye. You can message everyone with this single application. Moreover, features like video calls, voice chat made it more popular.

For instance, if you need to make free calls, there are bunches of approaches to call somebody utilizing only an application. Or on the other hand, you possibly need to make free video calls from your PC or send free messages.

Most messaging applications really incorporate those highlights; they allow you to make audio and video calls, send and receive messages, and offer documents. A few, like Facebook Messenger, are more firmly identified with Yahoo Messenger than others and can run from your smartphone/tablet, PC, and internet browser.


If you need help regarding Yahoo chat online or other information related to Yahoo account, you can easily speak to a Yahoo representative by navigating the Yahoo help center.