Are you one of them who have a fear of losing their job??

No need to worry not all jobs is being taken by robots some are. Today 2019, people are scarier in losing a job than being changes to a different job.

All jobs are turning to be smart and augmented with an environment that has been automated with robots. According to Oxford Martin School, it has been predicted 50% of the jobs in the US are at risk of loosening.


Will Robots Take My Job?

They are talking about robots. They have been invading our life when the first revolution started. With machines replaced the workers, the production continues to rise as more efficient mechanics were implemented. Smart devices now do the work done by hands.

Is There Any Job Which Is Being Replaced???

Artificial intelligence and smart technology have already been on the lips of industrial owners, Marketers and CEOs. With that been said, the buzz of shaping the jobs into human-driven intelligent machines is so genuine. Some say they are grabbing the opportunity to replace humans, and some believe that they will be the face of employment.

Whatever the outcome is, we will not go into details that who is better than whom. However, we have found jobs that may or may not exist in the future for humans, especially those which are task repetitive in nature. Assignment help London reveals them writer’s jobs somehow has been replaced through a software that can do articles in 3 to 4 minutes than humans.


Will Robots Take My Job?

For instance, Amazon Go has removed all the human force into the warehouse and replaced them with smart technologies. It is seen Amazon has added 50% of the robots which estimate 45000 figure of 20 fulfilment centre. This considerable bunch of robots has made work more efficient and quick.

This massive amount of enrolment has drastic changes in the overall working. Not just that, robotics will turn the place of burger into an artificial intelligence restaurant. Do you believe that!! Google has approved patent to implement Robots workers into their company.

Is Your Job Safe From Robots!!!

It isn’t it a good thing most of your daily job that stressful and not even a little bit intellectual is being replaced.

Well, some will resist this above phrase. It’s their job which they are doing for centuries. Though half of the work done will be taken over by robots but think more broadly, there are some job left to be invaded or cannot invade easily.

Do not worry; take this concept in your mind ‘Restructuring of the job not replacing it’. When you understand the idea, you might understand what is being said.

The replacement should not be treated as a threat; some jobs work in collaboration with robots will only make it valuable.

Speed Up Process And Create Valuable Side Of Human Job

If we take an example of an AI technology which has entered the management related job and is not removing humans from their job but making it more comfortable. As in AI, the recruiter has revolved the human resources department into quicker result-oriented one.

The better the process, steam line the work and smarter the job would be in the world of AI.

The AI, machine learning and humans work together will be like having a best friend in a boring party. The HR department can be able to retain technology so that it could retain employees moreover, the more the human resource would be interacted to AI the technical mind of inside them.

Still Robots Lag Behind Humans

Talking about all the good and evil, positive and negative annotation of Robots invading in the job world, it doesn’t mean they are right.

There are still so many things robots cannot do. They are machines which we cannot mostly relay on.

If we talk about what they can’t incorporate then it we will not be wrong about soft skills.  The human ability to sympathise another human can only be done from our side. We cannot reciprocate or devise sympathy or empathy into AI. It was impossible!!

The jobs that are safe from robots are the ones who have interpersonal properties. They cannot be creative enough to transform a given topic into a novel. The car not capable of sharing ideas for marketing campaigns, they cannot make a strategy. However, they can interpret an approach by the help robots.

Task That Are Not Less Risky For Robots

Emotional technology Creativity Leadership
Sympathy, empathy, nurture and curiosity Unique automation of content, strategy and innovation to solutions Encouraging, motivating and mentoring others
Customer service Strategy implementation and planning Dealing and developing people

   Expand Your Horizon In Knowledge

Don’t be afraid to change if you have left behind with nothing just empty hands. So, expanding your horizon caters new jobs and goes the old ones back.

As AI technology has proven to be smarter than a human being, smarter in a sense which makes work more comfortable and productive.

So, collaborating with robots makes you understand more about them first. Train yourself with courses or degree that make you learn about how robots work in a workplace.

Every time technology changes, it creates an urge to learn something new, retrain you with today’s innovation will create more significant opportunities.

It reveals by academic writing service, the better you learn and understand the more considerable advancement and developed you be.

Many companies have professional development tools and training sessions that make you learn new subjects and techniques. Moreover, learning through online channels such as Udemy and Course is one of the educational Apps that reveal to be efficient in spreading knowledge.

Wrapping Point

Though Robots taking over 50% of the jobs reveal to be removed; however, new posts related to software, IT, artificial intelligence and blockchain is revolving around.

Although the automation and robots have fast forward its speed of innovation, you must be quicker in getting through ahead of the game and be relevant.