Building a website is no longer the exclusive domain of trained developers. The advent of Content Management Systems (CMS) has enabled even people with limited to no technical knowledge, to create an interface. However, these tools let website owners conveniently manage their interfaces through a control panel without needing to input any code.

In case, you are looking for an easy solution, then you must choose WordPress CMS for the web design project. This open source software is the most popular tool for building websites in the world. It is a powerful solution which can be used for creating all kinds of interfaces. WordPress’ versatility can be gauged from the fact that it attracts small users like bloggers as well as large business enterprises. Let’s see why it is the best CMS that must be used for creating new website designs.

1. Convenient Methods For Adding And Modifying Content

WordPress makes it easy for users to add and modify the content of their interfaces. They can control every aspect of their website through the CMS’ admin dashboard. This is an intuitive control panel which lets them add content and alter it according to a user’s specific requirements.

People do not need to write any code for making the changes. They can create and format posts right in the dashboard and then schedule its upload. This means that users can gather all the material and set the date and time for its publishing at once.

2. Availability Of Readymade Themes

You must be wondering how can non-coders craft an interface with the solution. They can do so because the platform provides them with all the necessary pre-built components. There are numerous readymade themes which can be used for building a website.

These themes are pre-defined templates which have all the elements that a website requires. Moreover, these layouts have been categorized according to different industries and occupations. This means that a design contains all the features that a user belonging to its parent industry would want.

3. Easy Learning Curve For Beginners

The platform is found useful by professional developers as well as beginners alike. Developers like it because it helps in easing their tasks and improving their productivity. Beginners prefer it because of its non-technical nature. Its easy learning curve means that a person need not possess high levels of coding knowledge to understand its functions.

Therefore anyone can get familiar with the different aspects of the CMS quickly. Setting it up, managing it, and even installing updates do not require any in-depth technical knowledge.

4. SEO-friendly Platform For Building Websites

Another major reason to choose WordPress CMS for web design is its SEO-friendly character. Modern-day interfaces are not just built for providing information. They are used by organizations to promote their products or services and engage target audiences.

Being an important marketing accessory means that the interface must be optimized for search engines. An interface built with the platform comes with in-built SEO capabilities. It has a well-structured and lightweight code. However, this means that search engines easily discover a website.

5. Facility For Extending Functionality With Plugins

Themes allow users to get a website which optimizes for their specific industry. However, there are situations which demand that a new feature be added to the interface. Extending the functionality of a website can be easily done through plugins.

Users only need to search for a suitable tool and then install and activate it for enabling the desired feature. There is a huge number of plugins available for free or at a price and chances are that people can easily find solutions for all possible functionalities.

6. Assistance From Vast Global Support Community

The open source character of the tool has helped foster a vast global community. The individuals and groups which comprise this community have made invaluable contributions to enrich the platform. They have created themes and plugins besides making improvements to the CMS architecture. They share their knowledge and experiences through forums, blogs, and other platforms.

There are numerous text as well as video guides about different aspects of the CMS on the internet. Even existing website owners who migrate Drupal to WordPress or switch from other formats can get detailed information on relevant topics. Users can expect to find effective assistance from various avenues.

7. Economical Web Development Tool

WordPress has definitely made web development accessible to all kinds of users. Being an open source tool it can download by anyone with an internet connection and a system. However, people can create a functional website without needing to spend any money.

The only expenses they need to make are for hiring website hosting and domain name services. Therefore numerous free themes and plugins which can be used in the project. This makes WordPress arguably the most economical tool for creating interfaces in the world.


The open source platform is undoubtedly the most convenient and user-friendly CMS in the world. However, people who do not feel confident in undertaking the project themselves can outsource WordPress development to professional agencies.