Yahoo dates back to 1995 when Gmail didn’t even exist. From that day, Yahoo is successfully serving all the needs of internet users, even today. To bring people closer, Yahoo messenger and its chat rooms were introduced long back. Yahoo Chat room was first launched on January 7, 1997, in the form of public chat room service. Afterwards, Yahoo Pager was announced that had Yahoo Chat as one of its features. That time Yahoo chat support was readily available for helping the users.

Yahoo Chat Rooms

All the 90’s kids must have the memory of Chat rooms fresh in their mind. This facility allowed them to make friends and chat with anyone from all over the world.

But in 1999 the chat service was renamed to Yahoo messenger and in 2012 chat room service came to a complete end. This made a large proportion of people gloomy as they lost their favourite way of killing time. The reason behind closing the chat service came out as Yahoo wanted to make some space for future growth and introduce and promote some new Yahoo products.

Yahoo Chat

Yahoo services

So now when the chat room service was not available anymore, in 2015, there came a new Yahoo Messenger with all the better features than the previous one. Earlier, the messenger provided all the features such as free text messages, GIFs, images, emoticons and many more. But when it came back in 2015, so many new changes were introduced such as you can undo the messages sent on the messenger, chat with a group of people at a time, etc. Some of the other Yahoo Messenger features include VoIP, Flickr support, Yahoo! 360 integration, video calling, voicemail, in-chat YouTube streaming, and the facility to chat with Facebook friends.

Yahoo Messenger

But again on July 17, 2018, Yahoo Messenger was shut down, and it was partially replaced by a new service named Yahoo Together, but that was also discontinued on April 4, 2019. So currently there is no form of Yahoo chat service available, and if you need more information, you can connect with Yahoo mail customer support chat service.

Such similar actions are taken by reputed brands so that they can focus their energy on the area where they have more scope for growth. Also, it depends on certain other factors and based on which the company decides if they want to continue the service or not such as the revenue earned, competitors, etc. Also, they can introduce more applications that may serve the users in a better way and ultimately, this will benefit the company.

Bottom Lines

So now you know Yahoo chat is not there and no such other chat service is being run by Yahoo now. However, you have several different options available such as Facebook messenger, Hangout by Gmail, Whatsapp and many more. These services will not work the same way as Yahoo chat room, but still, it will serve the fundamental purpose of chatting entirely, and you can also make audio or video calls using the same app.